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UAB “Spekuliacija” was established in 1993. The major scope of the company is the wholesale and retail trade of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian cosmetics, hygiene products and perfumery.

UAB “Spekuliacija” is the official representative of one of the oldest and most widely known Russian manufacturers in Lithuania, namely, “Svoboda”. Such brands as “Balet”, “Večer”, “Alisa”, “Parodontol”, “Osobyj”, “Efekt” are for long known in the Lithuanian market and they are still in great request.

We cooperate with other Russian manufacturers:

 “Zeldis pharma” ( body and hair-care line “HORSE FORCE”, "Librederm").

“Clever  company” (baby line “Princessa”,  body and hair-care line, "Stotrav", “Milk”).

“Tvins-Tek” (medicated balsam line “911”, effective body-care line “Do i posle” )

“Stimul-colorkosmetik” (natural hair-dye from Iranian Henna and Basma),

“Fitokosmetik” (natural cosmetic clays, masks, toothpowder, vaseline),

“Farm-efekt” (natural bath salts)

We are representing the Ukrainian manufacturer “Farmakom” (natural ethereal, cosmetic oils, “little stars”) in Lithuania

We are representing the mouth care products of “Frech Mint Vostok” (dental floss, teeth breaching, mouth fresheners)

We are circulating ayurvedic soaps “Medimix”, antiseptic Indian cream “Boroplus”, the Himalayan salt, ecological washing soap nuts and many more healthy and natural cosmetics and hygiene products.

While putting effort to remain visible in the local market and maintain positive selling dynamics, our company constantly increases the assortment, introduces new products to the market, actively and creatively presents production, creates discounts and uses many other forms of selling promotion.

We supply goods for our clients anywhere in Lithuania. The e-shop has been created in 2011, which provides an opportunity for our clients to purchase the goods they need while staying at home.

We export part of our production to Greece, Latvia and Kaliningrad (Russia).

Our objective is to be a modern, versatile and competitive organization which could offer value for money delivering a customer an exceptional selection of quality, variety and price. We think that the satisfaction of our client`s needs, a pleasant and helpful service is most prominent.

It is only because of our customers that we are active for 23 years now.

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